Are aztecs barbaric

What are the Aztecs. Modern archeology backs this up folks.

10 Fascinating Facts About the Aztecs

The Aztec people also ate vegetables, chocolate, chili peppers, squash, tortillas, avocados, meat, tamales and tomatoes. Most impressive, however, was their irrigation system, which included a complex network of canals and dams.

Thank you so much for this page. Mexica It was Westerners who came up with the name Aztec. Archeologists are corroborating the carnage that the Spanish documented. These wars were organized, not to kill, but to capture worthy sacrifices. War and religion went hand in hand for the Aztecs, who did not usually sacrifice their own people, but instead would use captives.

The amount of destruction caused by European diseases was immense, it is estimated that over 20 million Mexicans lost their life in a period of five years due to the diseases brought over by the Spanish. Even so, they quickly assimilated much of their neighbors' culture, and the strength of the surrounding tribes helped protect the city from other invading groups.

The Aztecs built a wonderful city with pretty man-made islands called chinampas. Religion, Sacrifice, and War Under Montezuma I, the Aztecs believed that their gods required human blood, in payment for divine blood spilled to create mankind, for instance, or to make sure that the sun continued to move in the sky.

We should be able to do the same with other civilisations too, while still acknowledging their good aspects. This drawing gave archaeologists evidence of this incident in that the Aztecs did not often have beards as were depicted in this picture, and horses had not yet been released in Mesoamerica, thus leaving the Spanish as the only possible people depicted in the drawing.

But the majority of victims WERE captured warriors killed instantly with an obsidian knife. The Aztec made Gengis Khan look like a boy scout. Thursday, August 27, Aztecs: The object of the game was to get the ball through a small stone ring; however, it was an extremely difficult game to play.

Although schools were mainly for boys, girls still received some education at home in preparation for marriage.

Who Were the Aztecs?

Sometimes the Aztecs would also kill a dog and bury or cremate it with the person so that it could guide them on their journey through the afterlife. Their sun god, Huitzilopochtli, reportedly told them that they should build a city where they saw an eagle on a cactus eating a snake.

This is a very interesting and well written post. Share2 Shares 2K The Aztecs are best known for eating chocolate, killing boatloads of people in sacrifice to their heathen gods and eventually getting beaten by the Spaniards. By the middle 13th century, they arrived in the Valley of Mexico.

The tonalpohualli, which totaled days, outlined rituals and sacred events. When the person eventually reached the top, there would be four people holding the person;2 for each arm, and 2 for each leg.

The Aztec people also ate vegetables, chocolate, chili peppers, squash, tortillas, avocados, meat, tamales and tomatoes. The Aztecs had a unique system for slavery. How Could a group of less the sickly Spaniards. Hernan Cortes arrived on 8 Novemberand inhe laid siege to Tenochtitlan, helped by the Tlaxcalans, enemies of the Mexica and the tribes they ruled.

The word barbarian has a lot of meanings, so here is one of the adjectives: Because without those elements, we just lose sight of examining the culture for its own merits. The Aztecs worshiped their main god, Huitzilopochtli. Despite the idea in the popular mind of Aztecs being savages, they were a very artistic people.

It was often referred to as "the pyramid of the sun" because it was supposed that there the sun was born, even though it was already in ruins when they got there.

Xipe Totec Xipe Totec was the god of goldsmiths, diseases and suffering. Furthermore, they had several agricultural gods because their culture was based on farming and also included natural elements they identified with their deities.

Aztecs were into pottery and sculpting and created many different artistic drawings as well. Gladiatorial and other types of - yes, cruel - sacrifice were reserved for special ceremonies that have to be understood differently.

It is crazy to think that people were brainwashed to the point that they would give up their own life just to please an imaginary god.

On top of this, who is the real barbarians?. The Aztecs were a very successful civilization, in where they controlled most of the The Aztec Empire of during the 14th and 15th centuries was one of the most successful and powerful Mesoamerican kingdoms at that time. The community of people began in the middle of a lake and eventually became the capital of an empire.

Aug 27,  · The Aztecs were definitely not barbaric, but were very smart people. We still have inventions today that we can thank them for including: mandatory universal education, floating gardens, chocolate, pyramids and medicines.

The Aztecs believed in educating all of their children including girls which many societies did not do. This exaggeration paints the Aztecs to be barbaric for the sake of being barbaric, which, as it happens, was the goal of the Spanish when they conquered the Aztecs.

The Spanish depicted the Aztecs as barbaric as a means of showing Europeans back home that their defeat of the Aztecs was warranted. Describe the living conditions of Mr.

Tarver at the time of the interview in Why does he open the interview with the admission that the Great Depression was a blessing in disguise for him. Aug 27,  · The Aztecs were nomadic and in a sense barbaric but, later on they became geniuses.

Their Capitol was called Tenochitlan and was one of the biggest cities in the world at the time. Considering that they built such a large city without our modern-day conveniences and tools. The Aztecs are currently Overpowered. submitted 2 years ago * by Xciv. There's two key points that I feel make the Aztec OP right now: barbarian aggressiveness and AI early rush aggressiveness.

the perfect synergy this creates with Aztec Unique Unit and Ability.

Are aztecs barbaric
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