What shall we do about our ever increasing population

We should in increase our speed for working and checked its output if we not found positive responds then change its matter and made necessary improvements. Ya its true that India's manpower if used properly surely India will progress but here the manpower is wasted on social networking sites.

I think that for the people who are poor and living on the street, think of how much better their live would be if they wouldn't have to live there. When the population increases more and more, believe how many people there would be walking around.

Those days also I have seen TV advertisement regarding population control. Growing population is not at all an issue. I think that the cities, towns are on the right track but the village should come in the limelight.

Also, unlike China, where the one child policy has been implemented properly with proper follow up, it is impossible to implement the same as India consists of a large number of religions and being a democratic country, it has to take under consideration the interests of all the different religions and groups.

We have all seen poor people who does not have jobs, or so because they did not have money for education. And finally when ever people realize the problems that we are facing then only it will control.

Several steps were taken in regards to awareness in this terms. But instead we kept growing our numbers, which are projected to reach 9. Has to do with the country not having control over all its people. Due to it we can see many problems such as unemployment, lack of medical facilities etc.

For that we have to utilize our brain like Americans and other western countries. Hello friends, population is a main asset of a country but up to a limit. But the magnitudes of environmental impacts stem not just from our numbers but also from behaviors we learn from our parents and cultures.

Later, consumption tends to explode on the base of a population that is large, but it is by then growing more slowly. Oct 6, Hello friends good morning. But still India is 2nd most country with largest population. What in the population mix is not a hot button.

What shall we do about our ever-increasing Population?

People should be made aware that if no actions are taken in time, the situation would be out of control and it would raise other problems like unemployment, poverty, thefts, robbery, starvation etc. An additional factor is that there are quite a few societies where good education for women is actively discouraged, as a social policy.

John Guillebaud None of us in those days was worried specifically about climate change. We should go in a groups to villages and organize awareness camps though which we can gradually reduce the population.

Dec 21, Hello friends. Over population is an evil in developing countries. Perhaps science and Technology also plays a crucial role in increasing the population, Advanced research on human and highly advanced machinery leads to save the life that result decline in death rate but this technology is not working at the birth decline.

And if so, are there measures that the public and policy makers would support that could actually bring about such a change. Accept the challenge and celebrate the change. Population scenarios cannot directly address the inequity in emissions patterns—but they are far from unimportant.

And when women enter the workforce, start businesses, inherit assets and otherwise interact with men on an equal footing, their desire for more than a couple of children fades even more dramatically. So why why should we blame all village people.

And our navy is the 4th largest in world. What are the prospects of finding another planet for humans to plunder by ?. View Test Prep - What shall we do to our Ever-Increasing Population from METEROLOGY SMR at University of Nairobi. Running head: WHAT SHALL WE DO ABOUT OUR EVER-RISING POPULATION?

What shall we do. We should arrange education for them after that they will analyze the benefit of small family. India is a developing country not developed country.

For their development large population is really a big hurdle or obstacle. Frequently Asked Questions. How do we meet the needs of human beings and also preserve Earth's finite resources, biodiversity, and natural beauty? This is the fundamental question of our time, U.N.

experts predict that, unless we change course, world population will continue increasing until afterwith a "most likely" prediction. What shall we do about our ever-increasing population?

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What shall we do about our Ever-Increasing Population?

Points to remember before you participate in Essay Writing: Divide your essay into 3 parts (each in a different paragraph). Introduction -> content -> conclusion. The problem is that our rapidly increasing population is just putting more strain on the earth's resources than it can cope with.

If everybody worldwide aspires to live even at the current living standard of the developed world, then we are already at a population beyond sustainability. We Should Be Concerned About Population Growth.

What. Population explosion is the biggest problem mankind is facing today. All the other social and economical problems are directly related to increasing population.

We Should Be Concerned About Population Growth

Main reason of increasing population in our country is illiteracy. There is no awareness among the people of .

What shall we do about our ever increasing population
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What shall we do about our Ever-Increasing Population? – OurEducation Answers